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Louisville & Nashville railroad's Louisville Union Station by Paul Downs

Louisville & Nashville railroad's Louisville Union Station by Paul Downs: Scratch-built NTRAK module;  6 platform tracks can hold up to 17 passenger cars each. The period is approximately 1948-1958.

To see more of Paul's scratch built pieces of art go to :

The Kentuckiana Society of "N" Scalers (KSONS) is a hobby organization. Our members share a common interest in model railroading; specifically N- scale model trains. 

N-scale is the second smallest size of available models with a ratio of 1:160 which means that one inch of model equals 160 inches of prototype (full-size) train which is about one half the size of the other popular scale "HO", and about one quarter that of the original Lionel toy trains. 

Many of our members have some sort of layout at home but most of us have built "N-Trak" modules which are small sections of railroad and conform to a published standard. This allows us to bring all of our individual parts together and assemble a large layout for operation and public viewing. 

The trains can be run analog or Digital Command Control (DCC). We welcome anyone interested in model railroading to join with us, even if they do not have a layout or modules. Our by-laws do require that younger members have an adult sponsor, who is also a member of the club. Our annual dues are fifty dollars ($50.00).

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