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New On30 Locomotives


New Locomotives

Manufacturer: Bachmann
Kit / RTR: Ready-to-Run
Item: Whitcomb 50-ton
DCC & Sound: DCC-equipped; sound ready
Comments: ETA: August 2014

(#29201) Midwest Quarry
(#29202) painted orange & cream
(#29203) painted yellow and black
(#29204) painted red and yellow
MSRP: $435.00
Manufacturer: Haskell
Kit / RTR: Ready-to-Run
Item: Baldwin 2-6-2T
DCC & Sound: DCC ready
Comments: this locomotive runs to this day on the Puffing Billy Railway in Australia

Manufacturer: Narrow Japan Models
Kit / RTR: Kit
Item: various small diesel and other locos
DCC & Sound: n/a
Comments: many of these locomotives would be right at home on a North American-themed layout
MSRP: varies