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Kings Park Psychiatric Center Spur

Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Kings Park Psychiatric Center, Also know as KPPC, had the second largest rail spur. The spur came off the main just a few feet east of MP 43 on the Port Jefferson branch. After passing the station, it crossed over Indian Head Road, then made a sharp curve to the North crossing Route 25A. After crossing 25A, it started into the grounds, but first it passed a garge, which sat on an angle to avoid the tracks ( see photos ). Once on the grounds, the first siding was the passenger platform. The platform was concret lined soil, and fit 3 cars. after the platform, the spur crossed over Flynn Road, and thats were it got interesting. The grade dropped conserderably, 3.3% downgrade. What made it interesting, was it was completly covered in trees, top to bottom. Slippage was a major concern when backing a loaded coal train down. The trackage then crossed over 3rd street. After 3rd street was the start of the trestle. The trestle was 8 cars long, with concrete pilars. Steel beams sat on them, which the tracks set on. On each side was a cat walk so crews could empty the cars. The coal few building 29, the last power plant built. The plant provided heat and electricity for the grounds. THe spur I just mentioned was the last one used. Now before that, there was another spur. It was all the same up to the trestle. Before building 29, was building 6, a power plant just east of this one. The trestle was in almost the same location. But on the west side, the tracks dipped down and went to a warehouse. There was yet an earlyer part. Before building 6 was building 59, the original plant, that was all the way on the back of the property. The spur went past the warehouse and crossed over St. Johnland Road on top of a wooden trestle. Once to that side, the tracks split up to go to the power plant, a Ice House and a Bakery. One other part of the spur that did not last long was the manure spur, which split out just north of Flynn Road and crossed Old Dock Road and went to the pigery. A typical train to KPPC was 8 cars of coal with 2 C420s in the last days of the spur. Before that it was typical to see 3 RS1s. The passenger train was always on Sundays, with 3 cars. The last passenger train was in 1968. The last coal train was in the late 1980s, around 1987. It has been know for a train to slide off the end of the trestle, if the conditions were right. In 2003, the spur was converted into a Biking trail and is open to the public.

Historic Photos

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Current Power Plant

ROW heading North ( Just North of Flynn Road )

ROW approaching 3rd street

Old sticks of rail

ROW headed right over this, the trestle was only a few feet North of here

The trestle sat on the top of these cement pillars

ROW going south, Taken at 3rd street

ROW going south

ROW going south, Flynn is just ahead, this shot gives a good perspective of the grade

Rail Imbedded into Flynn Road

Much More To Come